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Template Settings

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To view a template’s settings, click on the Gear button on the template page (top right). This will open the Settings dialog where you can mange the following:

View Type

Set which view type generated checklists will have. Read more about checklist View Types:

Template settings type

Note: If you choose “Checklist” type, your tasks can only have the ‘Check’ type.


The template notes will be copied to the checklist notes when the checklist is triggered. If you are manually triggering a template (i.e not via a schedule), you can still make changes to the notes before triggering.

To add/ edit notes:

  • click on the “Click to set Template Notes” placeholder or on the existing notes to enter “Edit Mode”
  • enter your notes or change the existing notes
  • hit Enter to save your notes
  • hit Escapre to discard your changes

Tip: your notes can be on multiple lines.


By default, only you have access to the template. If you want to share it with your team and allow other members with the ‘Editor’ role to edit this template, toggle the Team Sharing to ‘on’.

Sharing is on when the toggle is orange (and to the right) and off when grey (and to the left).


Propagation refers to how parent and child tasks should behave when they are marked as Completed or Open. Read more about task propagation. These two setting are copied to the checklists triggered from the template.

Propagation is on when the toggle is orange (and to the right) and off when grey (and to the left).

Download PDF

You can download the template in PDF format which can be used to Print it.

To download a copy of the template as PDF, click the button. Once the copy is generated a Download link will show. Click on it and the PDF will be downloaded to your computer. You can then print it.


A template can only be used by you or your team (when set to Team Sharing). You can also share the template with the Checklist community by publishing it. Published templates show up on via a generated link. Click on ‘Make Public’ to publish the template and generate the link:

Templates settings publish

Click on the generated link to open the public template. You can also click on the Link button to copy the link and paste it elsewhere.

Should you wish to stop sharing the template publicly and keep it private, click on the ‘Unpublish’ button.

Note: we reserve the right to remove any template that is deemed inappropriate and disable its owner’s account. Please do not share incomplete, offensive, illegal or useless templates.


To help users find your templates easier, you can add up to 3 tags. Irrelevant tags will be removed.

Public Profile

You can promote your template as well as your organization on by setting up a Public Profile. See how to Manage your pubilc profile.