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An organization is the top level unit for Checklist. When you create a new account, we will also create for you an organization (and a team in it). This organization can be used by you alone or with more people as part of a team(s).

Although the basic Checklist plan is free, you may decide to upgrade your account to make use of more enterprise features and quotas. In that case, we use the Organization as the billing entity for the subscription. We also calculate the allowed quotas and usage based on the Organization and its plan. Read more about Checklist Plans.

An organization can have 1 or more teams in it. For example, you can have a marketing team or a sales team. See teams for more.

You can still use Checklist by yourself without any sharing.

Viewing an Organization

To view your organization, click on the Teams button on the main navigation of the app (on the left of the screen):

Once selected, you will see in the blue section a list of any organizations or teams you belong to. Select the organization you wish to view to show it in the main section of the screen.

Only organization admins can view the organization details or make changes to them:


The organization’s plan determines which features and quotas your organization can take advantage of. Read more about billing.

Rename Organization

To change the name of an organization, navigate to it and scroll down to the Rename Organization section:

Change the name of the organization and hit the Rename button.

Note: your organization name must be 3-30 alphanumeric characters or spaces.

Managing Admins

Organization admins can:

  • Change the organization name
  • Manage the billing Plan
  • Manage organization admins
  • Change the organization timezone
  • Create & Delete teams

To add or remove an admin, navigate to the Organization page and scroll down to the Administration section. In the Organization Admins selector, click on the drop down arrow to reveal all available users:

Who can be an admin?

  • The organization owner is always an admin of the organization and cannot be removed
  • Any user who is an admin of one of the organization’s teams

You can delete an admin by deselecting it from the drop down or by clicking on the X next to its name.


When the organization is first created, it automatically gets the same timezone of its owning user. Any teams created under the organization will get the same timezone as the organization when they are created.

To change the timezone of an organization, navigate to the Organization page and scroll down to the Administration section. Then, click on the drop down of the timezone selector:

You can then scroll up or down to choose your timezone or start typing and selecting from the autocomplete options.

If you change the organization timezone, the timezones of its teams will NOT change.

Deleting an Organization

To delete an organization, navigate to the organizaation page and scroll down to the Administration section. Then, click on the Delete Organization button. You will get a confirmation dialog. Click on the Delete button to confirm.

Warning: deleted organizations delete all teams, checklists and other resources belonging to the organization as well as disabling any further billing.

Note: deleting an organization is permanent. Please ensure you do not do so accidentally as we cannot restore it for you.

You cannot delete the last organization you belong to.

Adding a team to the Organization

To add a team, navigate to the organization you wish to add it under and scroll down to the Administration section. Click on the +Team button:

The Create a new Team dialog will open. You can set the name of the new team and click Create to confirm.

Note: team name can be 3-30 alphanumeric characters. Spaces are allowed.

Adding an Organization

If you need to add a new organization, you can do so by clicking on the +Organization button:

You will get a dialog where you can set the name of the new organization you wish to create.

Note: the newly created organization is separate from your existing organizations and acts as a separate billing entity.

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