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Checklist Views

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A checklist follows the “tree” structure in which it can have tasks and subtask and sub-subtasks. One of the core features of Checklist is the possibility to view your checklists using different “Views”. Those can be tailoed to fit your particular use case.

You can easily switch between different views using the View Selector. Bear in mind that some views do not show the full checklist data. E.g. unlike the Table View, the Checklist View (the simplest one) does not show the additional column fields.

Each task (and the checklist itself) has:

  • status (open/ completed - unchecked/ checked)
  • name
  • notes
  • additional and optional fields
  • meta - describing the fields

Below is the list of currently available Views. We are working on additional views, so please let us know if you wish to have any other ones.

Switching Views

At the top of the Checklist Page is the View Selector:

Clicking on it will open the following menu:

You can do any of the following:

  • click on the TEXT of the view name (Checklist, Table or Form) to switch to that view
  • check a view to add it to the available views (for non owners)
  • uncheck a view to remove it from available views
  • click on the radio option to choose the default view (to be loaded by default). Note that you cannot select an option if it has not been enabled
  • click again on the selector or anywhere outside to close the menu

Note: the View Selector is for Checklist Owners and is not available to other users. They will get the default view.

Checklist View

The Checklist View is the simplest view, yet it is very powerful. It provides you with a To Do like view to your checklist:

Read move about the Checklist View.

Table View

The Table view allows you add additional columns to your checklist and display them in a table format. You can add, remove, hide and customize the type of columns per checklist:

Read move about the Table View.

Form View

The Form View is used together with a checklist template. It allows you to create a set of questions that need to be followed in order to complete the checklist. Those questions can be as simple as ticking off a checklist or move complex like answering text questions, setting a date or uploading a file.

Read move about the Form View.

Table of contents

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