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Team Import/ Export

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Team Import

To quickly get started with, use our Import feature. We support a number of productivty providers from which you can migrate your data.

You can also use the Import feature to import a previously exported data file (e.g. for backup or re-use).

To import data to your team, go to the Team page and scroll down to the Import section:

From the Import Source, select the source of the data you are importing (e.g. backup file). Then drop the import file onto the drop zone. Finally, choose what you wish to import (this might change depending on the source type):

  • Templates - only available for sources
  • Checklists
  • Files - only available for sources
  • Ignore Duplicates - when importing, we keep track of the source of the checklist/ template. Check this if you try to re-import the same file and want to avoid duplicates

Click on the Import button to get started. We will upload the import file to our servers and process the import. Once completed, you will get an email with the import results.

Team Export

To export all your team data (checklists, files & templates), use the Team Export feature. Go to the team page and scroll down to the Export section:

Click on the Export button and confirm on the Export dialog. We will start processing your request and once the export is completed, you will receive an email with a link to where you can download a zip file containing folders with the team:

  • checklists
  • files
  • templates

The link is valid for a limited time so please ensure you use it before it expires.

Note: only Team admins can export team data.

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