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The Dashboard objective is to give you an overview of your checklists (surfacing what’s important). It can be customized to your personal needs.

By default, when you login, we direct you to the Checklists page. If you wish to have the Dashboard as your default page, you can change this setting in the Account Preferences page.

Here is what a typical Dashboard looks like:

Note: if a certain widget does not currently contain any data, it will be hidden. E.g. if you currently have no open tasks marked with a priority, the Priority Tasks widget will not be shown.


What is shown on the Dashboard is up to you. You can choose from different widgets as well as re-ordering them. Click on the Settings (Gear) button to manage your Dashboard:

The Settings dialog is divided into the following sections:

  1. List
  2. Maximum Items
  3. Actions

1. List

Your selected widgets are shown in a list. Each item has:

  • ‘Dragger’ which allows you to drag and drop it somewhere else in the list (in order to re-order your widgets)
  • Widget selector allowing you to choose which Widget you want to display in this position. Click on the drop down to change the selected widget
  • Delete button to remove the item

At the bottom of the list is an ‘Add Widget’ button. Clicking on it will add a widget item to the list. You can have as many items as you like.

2. Maximum Items

This setting lets you set the maximum number of items displayed in each widget. You can choose from 1 to 10.

3. Actions

The Action buttons allow you to:

  • Cancel your changes and close the dialog
  • Reset your settings and return to the system defaults
  • Save your changes and close the dialog


The following widgets are available for you to choose from:

Run Templates

This widget is only available to users with the ‘Runner’ role. Any templates marked as Favorite (Star) will be shown in the widget.

Runners can click on the Run button next to the template to Run it (i.e. trigger and create a checklist from the template). See Running a Template for more.

Today’s Checklists

This list shows all checklists created today together with how many tasks it has and how many were completed. You can click on the checklist to view it.

Yesterday’s Checklists

This list shows all checklists created yesterday. Click on a checklist to view it.

Priority Tasks

This list includes your top tasks marked with a priority. They are sorted from High to Medium to Low. Click on a task to open the checklist at that position.

Due & Expired Tasks

This list includes open tasks which are due today followed by tasks that have already expired (i.e their due date is in the past). Clicking on a task opens the checklist at the task position.


This widget type allows you to show tasks from a specific checklist. You can typically place here your important checklist(s). Click to view the task in the checklist.

Want More Widgets?

We are busy adding more widgets. Your input (as always) is more than welcome. So please send us your feedback (and don’t forget to vote for other ideas you may like).

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