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The Dashboard is the first item in the main Checklist menu. It is meant to give you an overview of your checklists (and what’s important).

By default, when you login, we direct you to the Checklists page. If you wish to have the Dashboard as your default page, you can set it in the Account Preferences page.

Currently, the following widgets are available on the dashboard:

Run Templates

This widget is only available to users with the Runner role. Any templates marked as Favorite (Star) will be shown here for Runners.

Runners can click on the Run button next to the template to Run it (trigger and create a checklist from the template). See Running a Template for more.

Today’s Checklists

This list shows all checklists created today together with how many tasks it has and how many were completed. You can click on the checklist to view it.

Yesterday’s Checklists

This list shows all checklists created yesterday. Click on a checklist to view it.

Want More?

We are busy adding more widgets and developing a Dashboard Editor where you will be able to manage the Dashboard according to your needs. Your input (as always) is more than welcome. So please send us your feedback (and don’t forget to vote for other ideas you like).

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