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Creating checklists

To create a new checklist, navigate to the Checklists page and click on the New Checklist button:

This will open the “Create a Checklist” dialog:

Create an Empty new Checklist

To create a checklist from scratch, enter a name for your checklist and click the Create button.

Note that the checklist name must be 1-256 characters long.

Once the checklist is created, the app will navigate to it.

Create a checklist from a template

If you wish to create a checklist from a template, click on the “Browse Checklist Templates”. This will open the website where you can browse and search our database of checklist templates and choose any of them to create your checklist from.

The Checklist Page

A new empty checklist opens with the Checklist view and has now tasks in it:

Checklist Name

The name of the checklist is shown at the top of the page:

You can click on the checklist name to edit it:

Make the desired changes to the name and either hit Enter or click anywhere outside the name. If you wish to cancel your changes, hit the ESC button.

Checklist Status

The Checklist status can be open or completed (unchecked or checked respectively):

The status will automtically get updated based on the status of the checklists tasks. Read more about Checklist Propagation.

If you want to change the status yourself, you can simply click on the checkbox itself:

  • if the checklist was open, the checklist and all tasks and subtasks will be marked as completed
  • if the checklist was completed, the checklist and all tasks and subtasks will be marked as open

Checklist View Selector

Your checklist can be viewed in any of our Viewers (e.g. Checklist, Table, Form). You can use the Checklist View Selector to choose which view you wish to use:

Note that the available viewers may depending on the settings defined by the checklist owne. See Checklist Views for more info.

Checklist Members

To view and manage the members of a checklist use the Checklist Members button. Read more about Checklist Members.

Checklist Automations

Checklist automations are one of Checklist’s strongest features and allow you to save time and improve productivity by easily defining Recipes for automation. Read more about Checklist Automation.

To view the automation recipes defined for this checklist, or create new ones, click on the Automation button:

The app will take you to the Checklist Automation page where you can view current automation recipes and create new ones.

Checklist Menu

The Checklist menu provides you with important functionality you may wish to use and is available by clicking on its buttons:

Move Completed Tasks to end

To improve productivity, some users may wish to move completed tasks to the end of the checklist. To turn this feature on, open the Checklist menu and check the checkbox to the right of the option: “Move Completed to end”.

When the checkbox is checked, whenever a task is marked as completed, it will be moved to the end of the checklist.

Note: completed tasks will be moved to the end of the checklist as a task and not as a subtask. This is purposefully so, so as to keep the completed tasks at the end of the checklist and not just as the last subtask.

Make Checklist into a Template

If you use this checklist regularly, you can can make a template out of it. From the Checklist Menu click on the option “Make into a template”. The confirmation dialog will open:

Click Cnfirm and let our app process your request and show you the confirmation message:

If you wish to edit the template right away, click on the EDIT shortcut on the message and the Template Editor will open.

Read more about Checklist Templates.

Delete a Checklist

To delete a checklist, select the option from the Checklist Menu. Confirm on the opened dialog and the checklist will be deleted. You will be directed to the Checklists page where you can choose another checklist to work with.

If the checklist was not owned by you and you were simply a member, the checklist will not be deleted but you will be removed as a member and will not longer have access to it.

Table of contents

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