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Checklist View

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The Checklist View is the simplest view, yet it is very powerful. It provides you with a “To Do” like view to your checklist:

On mobile the Checklist View looks as follows:

Adding Tasks

At the top of the page is always the Add Task bar. Enter the name of the task you wish to add and either hit Enter or click on the + button to add your new task.

Your new task is added:

  • at the top of the list if no task was selected
  • below the selected task (and then becomes selected itself)

You can continue adding tasks by simply entering the task and hitting Enter repeatedly. Your tasks will be added one below the other.

Task names can be 1-500 characters long.

Multitask adding

If you want to add multiple tasks in one go, click on the Add Multi button:

Enter one task per line. You can easily paste tasks from another document. Just keep one task per line.

If you want to include subtasks, use a TAB at the start of the line. You can have deep nesting by using multiple tabs at the start of the line.

Tip: to add a note to your task, simply use a period (.) at the end of the task name and follow with the note. For example, entering “Task name. Task note” will create a task with the name “Task Name” and its note will be “Task note”.

Selecting tasks

Task selection is useful when adding tasks as the newly created task is added right below the selected task.

Selected tasks have a gray background. In the screenshot above, you can see that Task 3 is selected.

To select a task simply click anywhere on it. Tasks you click on or interact with (e.g. edit name, drag or use their menu) become selected.

To de-select a task simply click on it again.

Editing task name

To change the task (i.e. its name), simply click on it to enter “Edit Mode”:

Make any changes required and hit either:

  • Enter to save your changes and exit “Edit mode”
  • ESC to exit “Edit Mode” without making any changes

You can also click anywhere outside the textbox to save your changes and exit “Edit Mode”.

Task menu

The task menu:

  • on desktop - can be seen by hovering over the task with the mouse:

  • on mobile - can be opened by clicking on the three dots button on the right of each task

which opens to:

Task Notes

To further elaborate on a task, you can add Task Notes:

To a note to your task, click on the Notes button on the task menu:

If you wish to edit existing notes, you can also click on the notes themselves.

In either case, the Notes dialog will open:

Deleting tasks

To delete a task click on the Delete button (Trashcan) on the task menu:


Sometimes a task can (or should) be broken into a number of subtasks. Those subtasks can be further broken into more subtasks each. Theoretically, there is no limit but we recommend not going beyond 3 levels of subtasks as the User Interface becomes too complex (especially on mobile).

To add a subtask to a parent task:

  • select the parent task by clicking on it
  • add the subtask by using the Add Task bar (the subtask will be added as a task just below the parent task)
  • from the Task menu of the subtask click on the “subtask” button:

To reverse this and make a subtask back to a task, use the “Unsubtask” button:

Note: the “subtask” and “unsubtask” buttons will be grayed out if they cannot be used at that level.

Setting Due dates

To keep on track, you can set useful due dates to your tasks. These due dates come with a notification (via email, reminder or the app) if your task did not get completed by the due date (or time).

To set a due date, click on the Due Date button on the task menu:

This will open the “Due Date Quick Set” menu:

Click on the time you wish to set the due date for:

  • Now
  • +1 Hour
  • Tomorrow
  • +1 Week
  • +1 Month
  • Custom

or “Clear” to clear an existing due date. Once a due date is set, you can see it on the task:

If you wish to set a more granular / custom due date click on the due date text (e.g. “in 7 days”) and the Due Date dialog will open. Set a date and a time and click OK to set:

Task Priority

Not all tasks are born equal: some are more important than others. You can set a task priority by clicking Priority button on the task menu:

This will show the Priority menu:

You can choose from:

  • low
  • medium
  • high

Note - you can make changes to these priorities by visiting the Table View and making changes to the Priority column. You can add more priorities, edit, remove or change colors.

Once you have set your task priority it will be shown on the task:

To remove a task priority, simply click on the existing priority on the Priority menu.

Assigning Tasks

To improve productivity, you can share your workload with colleagues, customers, friends and family. Simply invite them as members of your checklist and then assign specific tasks to them.

To assign a task, click on the Assign button on the task menu:

This will open the assign dialog:

You can assign one or more person to a task. You can also assign the entire team to the task. Check to add a person to the assignees list. Un-check to remove.

To close the Assign dialog hit ESC or click anywhere outside on the page.

Once you have assigned someone to a task, their avatars will be shown on the task:

Note: if you already have assigned people to a task, you can open the Assign dialog by simply clicking on their avatars.

Task attachments

You can attach files to tasks. These can be images, pdf, word or other file types.

To attach a file, click on the Attach button on the Task menu:

The Attach Dialog will open:

You can either drag and drop a file on the drop zone or click on the dropzone to open the file navigator to file the file to attach. Once selected, the file will be uploaded to the cloud and you will see it below the dropzone. You can click on the link of the uploaded file to open it in a new tab.

To delete an already uploaded attachment, click on the Trash buton.

Click the Close button to close the dialog. If a task has an attachment, it will be shown on it:

If you want to view your attachment, add new attachment or delete an existing attachment, click on the Attach icon or click Attach from the task menu.

Filtering Tasks

By default, the Checklist View shows you all the tasks the checklist has. If you wish to filter which tasks should be shown, you can use the Filter menu:

On mobile, you need to click on the Sort/ Filter button to reveal the menu:

The Filter menu has the following options:

  • None - all tasks
  • Open - tasks with the Open (unchecked) status
  • Completed - tasks with the Completed (checked) status
  • Any Priority - tasks that have ANY priority
  • Low - tasks with Low priority
  • Medium - tasks with Medium priority
  • High - tasks with High Priority
  • Any Due Date - tasks with any due date (which are not completed)
  • Today - tasks with a due date for today (which are not completed)
  • Past - tasks with a due date in the past (which are not completed)
  • Future - tasks with a due date in the future (which are not completed)

Sorting Tasks

By default, the Checklist View does not sort the tasks and they are shown in the manual order the user has added them.

Manual Sort

To manually reorder tasks, simply drag the task from its current position and drop it in the newly desired position:

Note: Manual reordering is disabled whenever you are using a Filter or have set a Sort order.

Automatic Sort

If you wish to sort tasks automaticaly, you can use the Sort menu:

On mobile, you need to click on the Sort/ Filter button to reveal the menu:

The Sort menu has the following options:

  • Manually - show according to user’s manual sorting (Drag and Drop or entering order)
  • Alphabetically - up/ down
  • Priority - by priority up/ down
  • Status - by status up/ down
  • Due date - by due date up/ down