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Welcome to Checklist

From simple To Do checklists to more complex repeatable business processes you can use Checklist to stay on track. Work alone, within a team, company, friends or family. Sync your work across devices. Integrate your checklists with 3rd party software. A Checklist for Life. And Business.

At the core of Checklist is of course the checklist: a list of tasks (with optional sub tasks). Each task has a name and status (open/ complete). You can also add addtional fields like due date, notes, assignee or anything else you wish. Unlike other apps, you can choose how you wish to view those checklists: as a list, in a table or as a form which needs to be completed & checked.

Your checklists are always synchronized between your devices and anyone else who has access to them. Not only does this let you collaborate with others but it also provides you with an automatic backup of your work. Needless to say that you can access your checklists from both desktop and mobile browsers.

Have you heard the phrase: “don’t re-invent the checklist”? In most cases, someone else has already thought of the checklist you are about to start. So give yourself a headstart: use our database of thousands of checklist templates to kickstart your next checklist. And if there is a checklist you think you will be using repeatedly, you can make it into a template yourself. You can then share it with your team or with the whole Checklist community by publishing it.

Increase your productivty and boost your checklists with Automation. Automate repetitive tasks: e.g. trigger daily checklists, assign tasks automatically or send an email when a checklist completes. You can also integrate with thousands of 3rd party applications (to/ from Checklist).

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