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Team Folders

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Folders allow you to manage both your templates and checklists.

Folders are optional. If a checklist or template is not assigned a folder, it will simply be in the section without a folder (last).

Folders are managed from the team page:

Only team admins can manage folders but folders can be used by anyone in the team.

Add a Folder

To add a folder, navigate to the team and click on the New Folder button:

A dialog will open in which you can set the name of the new folder. Click the Create button and the folder wil be added.

Note: a folder name must be 3-30 alphnumeric characters. Spaces are allowed.

Rename Folder

To rename a folder, simply click on the pencil icon:

The Edit Folder Name dialog will open. Make the changes you wish to the folder name and hit Save.

Note: the same folder name constraints as in adding a folder apply here.

Reorder Folder

To reorder a folder, simply drag it by the “dragger” and drop it in the desired new location:

You can drag it up or down. Once you reorder a folder it will apply to the team’s checklists, templates and for all team users.

Delete Folder

To delete a folder, click on the trash button and confirm:

Note: any checklists or templates in the deleted folder do NOT get deleted. They are simply moved into the Uncategorized folder below all other folders.

Checklist Folders

Once you have setup your folders, you can navigate to the Checklists page. On the left, in the blue section, you will see all your folders and checklists.

Initially, all checklists will be at the bottom. You can start dragging them one by one and dropping them on the desired folder.

Note that you can “collapse” a folder to hide any of its checklists (in the example above the Backoffice folder is collapsed). Collapsed folders have a downward arrow to the right of their name. Clicking on it will expand the folder back.

You are free to leave any checklist uncategorized if you wish to. It will simply be placed at the bottom of the list of checklists (below the folders).

You can also reorder checklists within a Folder by dragging it up or down within the desired folder.

Template Folders

Once you have setup your folders, you can navigate to the Templates page. The page sorts the templates by folder.

Initially, the templates will be at the bottom of the screen below the folders. Simply drag a template onto the correct folder and drop it. You are free to leave any template uncategorized if you wish to.

You can also reorder templates within a folder by dragging it up or down within the desired folder.

Here is what the template folders can look like:

Any checklist generated from a template will be automatically placed in the same folder as the template.

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