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Checklist View

Table of contents
  1. Renaming
  2. Status
  3. Menu
  4. Delete Completed Tasks
  5. Move Completed to End
  6. Checklist Members
  7. Delete Checklist
  8. Play View
  9. Form View


Click on the checklist name to make changes to it. Hit the Done button on your keyboard to save the changes.

Note: you cannot have new lines in the checklist name.


When any task on your checklist is open the checklist status is Open. When all tasks are completed the checklist status will be Completed as well.

You can change the status of the checklist (and all its tasks) by clicking on the Checkbox next to the checklist name. This will bring up a confirmation screen:

Checklist Status

Click on Open to mark the checklist and all its tasks as Open Click on Completed to mark the checklist and all its tasks as Completed

Most people use the Open status to “re-use” a checklist by marking all tasks as open.

For additonal Checklist functionality, click on the 3 (horizontal on iOS, vertical on Android) dots menu button to bring up the Checklist menu:

Checklist View

The actual menu options available to you depend on the view selected and your permissions.

Delete Completed Tasks

If you like to have a tidy list you may want to delete any completed tasks. You will need to confirm your select in order to avoid accidentally deleting tasks.

Move Completed to End

Sometimes you wish to get completed tasks out of the way but still have them on the list. That’s where this option becomes useful. Tap the Checkbox to turn it on. From that moment on (or until you turn it off), any task you mark as completed will be moved to the end of the list.

Note that existing completed tasks are not moved at the moment you turn this feature on.

Checklist Members

This option allows you to manage the checklist members and is only available to checklist owners. Read more about Managing Checklist Members.

Delete Checklist

To delete your checklist, select this option.

Note: if you are not the Checklist owner, the checklist will not be deleted. You will simply remove yourself from its list of members.

Play View

Play view allows you to go through answering questions (the tasks) one at a time.

Read more about the Play View.

Form View

Form view allows you to see a list of questions (the tasks) all at once. It is similar to Play view but ALL tasks are shown together.

Read more about the Form View.

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