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Each organization can have one or more teams, allowing you to organize your company into departments or units. Even if you work alone, you automatically have a personal team created for you on sign up. A team can consist of members, templates, checklists, and automations.

For example, a hotel might have the following teams: Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Marketing & Finance.

Viewing a Team

To view your teams, click on the Teams button in the main menu (on the left of each screen):

Organization Main

This opens the current team you are working on in the main section of the page.

Switching Teams

If you want to switch your work to a different team, follow the steps above to view a team and then, from the blue left section, click on the team you wish to switch to. You can then click on any of the main navigation buttons (left): Dashboard, Checklists, Templates, and Automations.

Team Folders

Learn more about team folders.

Rename Team

To change the name of a team, navigate to it and scroll down to the Administration section:

Team Admin

Make the changes you wish and hit the Rename button to confirm the change.

Only team admins can make changes to the team name.

Managing Team Members


When the team is first created, it inherits the organization’s timezone. The team timezone is crucial for all time-related matters, such as setting automation triggers.

You can change the timezone of your team by visiting the team’s page and scrolling down to the Administration section. Then, click on the dropdown of the timezone selector:

Team Timezone

Scroll up or down to choose your timezone or start typing and select from the autocomplete options.

Deleting a Team

To delete a team, navigate to it and scroll down to the Administration section. Then, click on the Delete Team button. You will get a confirmation dialog. Click on the Delete button to confirm.

Warning: Deleting a team will delete any dependent resources, such as its checklists, templates, and automations. This action cannot be undone!

Table of contents